So that's it for GiminC Development for now! Most have no idea who we are or what we did(or tried to do) But for those who supported us I just wanted to say thank you for that support and care. There are a few reasons why I'm pausing this concept indefinitely but needless to say it wasn't an overnight decision.

There are 3 major reasons for putting this, democratic friend/vet organized indie dev on hold.
The first: My physical condition, I have spent the last 2 months in an embroiled fight with the VA. I was working way to many hours and they took my "dedication" as a sign of something negative. This caused them to take way to much of my time and focus in addition to radical changes to my treatments. This caused tremendous turmoil in my life.
Next: I wanted a team I could trust(though that hasn't changed in some cases), a team that would provide input and opinions on direction and help whenever they felt they could. This coupled with simple loyalty and support. It's not something out of reach for anyone who wanted to help but had other priorities. I knew I would be the one to take the majority of the workload and that's ok being retired. But when people I felt closest to put me in impossible positions, actively trying to hurt me and have the strict intent of fighting with me at every opportunity I can't help question motives and alternative intentions. A simple example I can give is that this new title was even advertised. My goal was to effectively finish the game before even announcing it because I knew I couldn't handle marketing and making the game at the same time. But I was told that someone else would handle the PR and advertisement for the entirety of the project... It's obvious that didn't happen and in turn it hurt the image of GiminC and added a huge strain on me mentally. All after creating hundreds of assets to accommodate this individual, who then abruptly cut contact with me.
Last: Family and friends... It's the whole goal of everything I was trying to create, I wanted to create a financial backbone for everyone I cared about with minimal investment in one of the few ways I physically still could. I know I don't have as long as many others on this world due to my conditions and medication. I know my new limitations and I realized I can't just go work a 9-5 (I tried after getting out of the Army). But I found myself neglecting the people closest to me with this work regiment. Now, mostly everyone has understood my goals and have been patient but, frankly, some haven't. And I don't want that to happen to any others.

This all coupled together has caused me to take a close look at the situation, when I started I had the wind at my back... But now, it's a dagger, and a wall in front... I need to take a break from the "GiminC" Concept and take a real look at my future and the future of those closest to me.
So for now, Thanks to all those with limitless support, patience and compassion. I hope to bring something positive to everyone close to me for a change, I just see now it can't be through the fundamentals of a developer at GiminC. Thanks for reading, G~


The "V-Verse" overview that outline the cataclysmic chain of events that puts humanity in a very precarious position.


It feels aplicable to bring over Sol System: Humanity's Exploration of our Universe. Its an educational app designed to help children interested in space how far we have come with a narrated interactive view of the system.


Star Kinesis is MASSIVE with thousands of options, millions of variables and infinite combinations. So in kind its only fitting we create a comprehensive page to outline everything.